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August 2012

Whitby: Alternative Culture in a Seaside Town

I’ve always loved the book  Dracula, and I can still remember reading it for the first time, curled up on a stormy winter night by the fireplace: perfect conditions for reading a scary story! When I first visited Whitby, the conditions were equally appropriate–threatening clouds filled the sky and the chilly air was eerily still except when interrupted by dramatic spurts of harsh wind. I was in the town that inspired one of the greatest vampire stories ever written, and it wasn’t hard to imagine the events of the book unfolding in this very place. 

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Photo Essay: US Road Trips of the Summer

To me, nothing says “American summer” like long car trips through our beautiful country. With my classes starting today and summer drawing to a close, I thought I would put together my favorite photos from my road trips over the last few months.

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Brussels: We’re Ugly and We Like It

There’s no other way of saying this: Brussels is a weird city. It’s not a place that is on every traveler’s to-go list when spending time in Europe, but it is in a country that I wanted to spend a little time in, so I made a quick stop there during my spring break Euro trip, and I’m glad I did!

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Make Yourself at Home

I want to tell you about a place. A place that, for almost nine months, was my home.

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Welcome to the Adventure

For those of you who are new here, I’m Elizabeth, and I like to travel!

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