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April 2013

Announcing the England 2013 Trip!

British Parliament
British Parliament

After almost a month in Alabama and Florida with my family, I’ve been back in Ohio this week to unpack and repack for my next adventure. Here are a few details about my first trip back to Europe since getting home from England last May.

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Get Surreal: A Day with Dalí

Dalí Museum
Dalí Museum

A sunny Friday afternoon in Bradenton found us not in the pool in the backyard, or at the nearby beach, or even out to eat at one of the many seafood joints this area has to offer. Instead, my grandparents were curled up with thick biographies while Josh and I found ourselves battling a 1000 piece puzzle. The reason for our introversion? We had become smitten with Salvador Dalí the day before; the biographies that my grandparents read were of this twentieth-century Spanish surrealist, and our puzzle depicted one of his many mind-blowing masterpieces.

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Dreams Come True

Cinderella's Castle
Cinderella’s Castle

As the oldest of six kids, I find that the most magical part of my family’s frequent trips o Disney World is watching my younger siblings experience the joy that Disney has to offer. From my baby brother’s obsession with Donald Duck to my little sister’s infatuation with Tinker Bell to my other brother and sisters’ love of fast and thrilling rides, Disney World has something for everyone in my family. We spent a few days in the parks last week, and one of my favorite moments was watching my youngest sister experience the magic of Disney.

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