Cinderella's Castle
Cinderella’s Castle

As the oldest of six kids, I find that the most magical part of my family’s frequent trips o Disney World is watching my younger siblings experience the joy that Disney has to offer. From my baby brother’s obsession with Donald Duck to my little sister’s infatuation with Tinker Bell to my other brother and sisters’ love of fast and thrilling rides, Disney World has something for everyone in my family. We spent a few days in the parks last week, and one of my favorite moments was watching my youngest sister experience the magic of Disney.

On our last day at Magic Kingdom, the park was packed. Lines for all the attractions were long, crowds were so thick that my youngest siblings were at risk of being trampled if they weren’t carried or pushed in a stroller, and conditions were not at all conducive to giving 7-year-old Caroline the most magical time of her life. By the time we all met up for dinner, she had only been on one ride, and I was determined to make the rest of the night absolutely enchanting for her.

All Caroline wanted was a rainbow lollipop and the Peter Pan ride.
All Caroline wanted was a rainbow lollipop and the Peter Pan ride.

More than anything, Caroline wanted to go on the Peter Pan ride, so I carried her through the dense crowds to her favorite ride in Fantasyland. I told some of her favorite fairy tales while we waited in line until finally we could see the front, where passengers were being loaded onto the vehicles.

“Look!” Caroline yelled, pointing to the safety check area, where the worker had timed it so that the lapbars lowered onto the passengers as he snapped his fingers.

We eagerly approached the loading area and then it was time for the two of us to board our multi-colored sailing/flying ship. I noticed that there was a different worker at the safety check, and I briefly worried that this one might not snap his fingers. My fears were for nothing, as I discovered when it was time for the lapbar to be lowered: He reached his hand over and made a motion as if he were sprinkling something onto the bar. “Pixie dust!” Caroline and I gasped as the bar descended onto our laps.

“You can fly!” the worker called up to us as our vessel flew past him and off the ramp into the starry skies of London.

“Lizzy!” Caroline exclaimed in wonder as we floated over the purple twilit city, “There are no tracks underneath us!” Of course, she quickly thought to look up and discovered the overhead tracks. But for one magical moment, my little sister really thought we were flying. And that’s what I love most about Disney World. Even after all the times I’ve visited, there is still so much magic to discover. All it takes is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.

Love, Elizabeth

Rapunzel's Kingdom
Rapunzel’s Kingdom

Have you been to Disney World? What magic did YOU find there?

*A special thanks to my grandparents for making our frequent magical visits possible.