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June 2013

British Friendships

I didn’t have any grand adventures on my trip to England last month, so I thought I would instead throw together some of the stories that made me happiest to be back “home.”

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Krohn Conservatory

Krohn Conservatory
Krohn Conservatory

Having lived in Cincinnati on and off for almost three years, I’ve made many visits to the Krohn Conservatory, where I’ve spent afternoons exploring all sorts of plants, from the rainforest  to the desert. The conservatory is most popular during its annual butterfly show, but I’ve somehow never managed to see the show. (I’ve even volunteered at the butterfly show a few times, where I stood at the exit to make sure there were no stowaway butterflies on people’s backs, but I’d never been in the showroom before!) 

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Springtime in London

Sunbathers next to Parliament
Sunbathers next to Parliament

I spent just over three weeks in England, and very few of my days were sunny and warm. When it wasn’t raining, it was hailing, and when I left the country at the end of May, the weathermen were still predicting snow for the following week. Fortunately, I had one day of wonderful weather during my short visit to London with my friend Molly, and we spent an afternoon soaking up more sun than England saw during the rest of my trip combined.

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