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August 2013

Wapakoneta, Ohio: A City Full of Surprises


I grew up in a rural area of Ohio, but it wasn’t until recently that I started to really appreciate all of the beauty that surrounds the village I grew up in. Small storybook villages rise up from fields of corn and soybeans, and picturesque silos and red barns separate one field from another. Forests, lakes, and canals are also scattered through the quiet countryside.

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3 Facts about Indonesia

Josh and I are leaving in about an hour for the Chicago airport. Two ten-hour flights, a two-hour flight, and ten hours in various airports is pretty much all that separates us from Jakarta. We’re going to be soooo tired by the time we arrive on Saturday night! Since I don’t have time to make a real post, I thought I would make a short post to introduce Indonesia for those who don’t know much about it.

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The Streets of Athens

Anarchy in Athens

“Are you sure you’ll be safe?” This is a question I got asked a lot during my year abroad, given all of the solo trips I took around Europe.

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Lunch in Greece


My little sister recently mentioned that the first place she wants to go when she’s old enough to travel to other countries is Greece. I started thinking about the few days I spent there last spring, and remembered one of my favorite travel stories.

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