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September 2013

Teaching English in Tangerang with English First

I haven’t shared a lot of specifics about my job as an English teacher in Indonesia, so here is more about what I do at my school.

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Finding Culture in Singapore

Singapore Chinatown

“I hated it. Absolutely cultureless.”

“There’s nothing to it but rich businessmen.”

“What is there to do in the most expensive country in the world?”

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First Jaunt into Jakarta

One of the rare times we saw drivers heed a command to stop.
Oncoming traffic in Jakarta

“Before we begin, I must first tell you the bad things about Jakarta. We do not want our applicants to be surprised when they arrive here.”

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3 Observations about Indonesia

Before I left for Indonesia, I threw together some essential facts about Indonesia. Now, after starting to settle down in Tangerang, I have pieced together a few of my observations so far.

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