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March 2014

Cincinnati, I Miss You

I have to admit that my work schedule over the past few weeks has been less than ideal, and an exhausting visa-renewal trip to Singapore a few days ago has left me wiped out and feeling more homesick than usual. While I love teaching here and I know I’m incredibly lucky to be living abroad, that doesn’t stop me from missing a lot of things back in Cincinnati.

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If You Trek the Dieng Plateau

The night before your tour of the Dieng Plateau region, your guide will ask if you want to trek or drive–both tours take roughly the same amount of time, though many people aren’t interested in hiking for a solid seven hours. The driving tour is a totally valid option and will let you see the highlights of the region . . .

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Monthly Update: February 2014


It’s hard to believe it’s already March, and that I’m entering my seventh month in Indonesia! February has zoomed by too quickly, but here’s a quick summary of what’s been happening over the past few weeks.

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