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April 2014

Kartini Day

Kartini Day

A lot of what I experience in Indonesia is just day-to-day teacher stuff–my expat life is, without a doubt, much different from that of an average Indonesian. But that doesn’t mean that I never get to see a deeper look into Indonesian life and culture. On April 21–Kartini Day–I was lucky enough to experience an elementary school’s observation of a holiday that was established to commemorate the Indonesian national heroine Raden Ayu Kartini.

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Wayang Museum

Wayang Painting

Living in Indonesia has been an interesting learning experience for me in many ways, and one of the things that I’ve gained is a look into the country’s culture, which at times can be very different from my own.

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Monthly Update: March 2014

Sunset from the Roof

Happy April, everybody! March passed by in a flash for me, and now I’m already a week into my eighth month working at EF. Time is passing more quickly than ever! In March, I had a one-day trip into Singapore to renew my work visa, and Josh and I made our way into Jakarta a few times. It hasn’t been much an exciting month for either of us, but we’ve enjoyed ourselves.

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The Legend of Rara Jonggrang

Prambanan Scenery

Once upon a time, there was a prosperous kingdom ruled by a wise king. The people of this thriving kingdom lived in harmony, and it was in this setting that Prince Bandung Bondowoso was raised. Every year, he grew braver, stronger, and wiser, nourished by the loving community into which he had been born. In his wisdom, he acquired supernatural powers, which he used only in times of need.

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