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July 2014

Josh’s Bali Pick: Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga

I am extraordinarily lucky to have found a travel partner that I get along so well with. Josh and I are an excellent match, and I’ve never had such a good time traveling with someone as I have with him. What works so well when we go on trips is that I’m a detail-obsessed planner, and Josh really just wants to show up somewhere new and take photos. This means that he gives me free reign to plan whatever I want for each trip that we go on, and then he gets to be surprised at everything.

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Veg Bali

Baliday food

I may have spoken a little harshly about some aspects of tourism in Bali, but one thing the island–and Ubud in particular–does especially well is food.

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Monkeying around in Ubud


After arriving in Bali late on a Saturday night, Molly, Josh, and I got a good night of rest with the intention of just relaxing the next day. The manager of our villa, however, had different plans. We woke up to a pancake breakfast the next morning, and before we had time to object, he loaded us into the shuttle that took us to the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

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Monthly Update: June 2014

Indonesian Puppets

I opted to skip last month’s update since I spent most of May in bed with dengue fever and didn’t get to see very much of Indonesia except for the inside of a hospital. I was back on my feet for most of June, so here’s what I got up to this month.

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