Peter Pan floor

In January, one of my biggest dreams in life came true when Josh and I became annual passholders at Disney World. And in truth, most of the highlights of my month took place right at the parks.

We had talked about getting Disney passes ever since we first decided to move to Florida, but we knew that we had to find a car and a place to live before we could invest in Disney trips. Everything came together in early January, when we picked out our cute little blue car and settled into our new home.

After purchasing our passes online, Josh and I showed up at Epcot late one night to prove our Florida residence, redeem our tickets, and go in with enough time to ride Spaceship Earth and watch the firework show.

Spaceship Earth

Since one of Josh’s sisters lives in Orlando and is an even bigger Disney fan, she spent the weekend at the parks with us.

Family picture

We spent the weekend learning to draw beloved cartoons, evading a mischievous yeti, meeting some of our favorite characters, riding our favorite rides, and getting to know African wildlife.

Dale drawing

Expedition Everest

Meeting Frozone!

Hollywood Studios

Safari view

The three of us spent time in all four of the parks over the course of the weekend.

Just a few weeks later, Josh and I went back on our own, with the intention of spending all day in Magic Kingdom. Yet once more, we ended up visiting all of the parks. They’re all so amazing that we couldn’t limit ourselves to just one!

With only two visits there, there’s tons more to do over the course of this year, but we’ve already made so many memories.

I feel pretty confident that I earned my mouse ears this month!


In non-Disney news, I did manage to explore a little more of my own home this month.

An afternoon adventure on one of my rare days off took me to the Riverwalk, where I enjoyed bright blue skies and a lovely stroll along the Manatee River.


Manatee River

Curiosity finally got the best of me, and I stopped at a park I’d driven past many times on the nearby Longboat Key. I loved it so much that I brought Josh back with me so he could photograph all of the cool spiny spiders, and it’s become our new favorite place to go when we have a free afternoon together.

Spiny orb weaver


Josh and I also took a few trips to St. Petersburg. The first time was for a date night at the ballet, where I was thrilled to finally see Swan Lake.

On our next trip, an Instagram photo challenge prompted us to pay attention to the city’s architecture. Then we met up with one of Josh’s friends for dinner at a Vietnamese vegan restaurant.

Vinoy Renaissance

And last but not least, the month was full of beach sunsets. I can’t possibly pick a favorite sunset photo, but here’s the most recent show in the sky that Josh and I watched from a beach on Longboat Key, where we befriended an old man who decided to chase the seagulls so that we could get a picture of them flying in front of the setting sun.


February is off to a great start, and I can’t wait to share more stories with you all this month!

Love, Elizabeth