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January 2016

January 2016: What I’ve Been Up To

Misty morning

This month, I hardly left Winter Haven. Spending so much time in my own area gave me a chance to catch up on some tasks around the house and to explore more of my surroundings. And read voraciously.

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Books and Bagels in Manhattan


A few months ago, I left my beloved Florida for the first time in over a year to have a little adventure in New York.

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Orb-weavers of Central Florida


I used to be terrified of spiders. 

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New Year of Disney!


My holiday adventures in Disney World ended on New Year’s Day this year. After discovering that most of the New Year’s Eve crowd was gone, I decided to head to Disney on the evening of January 1st for one last glimpse of Disney’s winter wonderland.

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Holiday Decorations at Disney, 2015


More than a year ago, I insisted on going to Disney World in December. Even though park tickets were not yet in my budget, I wanted to experience some holiday magic in the form of hotel decorations, so I hopped from lobby to lobby as I soaked up the atmosphere of as many Christmas decorations as I possibly could!

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A White Christmas in Winter Haven

Misty morning

I know that it’s several weeks past the holidays, but bear with me as I share this and one other post about some Christmastime magic I got to experience!

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Hello again


I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Mine was merry and bright, as I got to spend it with my family, a few dozen books, and a big enough portion of schoolwork to keep me on my toes!

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