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March 2016

An Evening in Wapakoneta


Almost 3 years ago, I decided to see more of the county where I grew up. My favorite discovery was Wapakoneta, where I admired the well-preserved architecture, visited the Neil Armstrong museum, and explored the awe-inspiring Temple of Tolerance. I’ve been wanting to go back for another visit ever since that day.

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Returning to My Beloved Cincinnati


For more than a year and a half–ever since I moved to Florida–I have been wanting to visit Ohio. I made plans to return on almost every break I’ve had, but something always came up and I always ended up just staying in Florida for my holidays.

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February 2016: What I’ve Been Up To


Last month kept me extremely busy at school. I had hundreds of essays to grade, and a lot of pressure to review EVERYTHING with my kids for the state writing exam, which was on March 1. Now that that’s behind us, I’m hoping that my workload will be a little less life-consuming.

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