For more than a year and a half–ever since I moved to Florida–I have been wanting to visit Ohio. I made plans to return on almost every break I’ve had, but something always came up and I always ended up just staying in Florida for my holidays.

However, I knew that for my spring break this year, I had to get out of Florida–school has been consuming so much of my life that I wanted to put it as far behind me as I could. I knew if I stayed in Florida, I would only spend my week stressing about all of the lesson planning I should be doing (while of course doing everything BUT lesson planning).

So that is how, two Fridays ago, I found myself leaving my school and driving straight toward Marietta, Georgia, for a quick overnight rest and then leaving shortly after 6 the next morning when my excitement to be in Ohio woke me several hours before my alarm. After a surprisingly fast drive, thanks to my podcasts and audiobooks and good driving conditions, I arrived in Cincinnati in the early afternoon of Saturday

Having made no plans whatsoever, and with most of my Cincy friends on their own spring breaks, I drove around downtown for a few minutes before heading up the hill to the University of Cincinnati area. I parked and walked around my beloved old campus, admiring the buildings that had always been my favorite and taking time to photograph the flowers that surprised me in the 40-degree weather.





After my walk around campus, I drove to the nearby Bellevue Park so that I could see the gorgeous skyline from above. (For those of you close to me who are wondering: yes, I did start sobbing on my drive up when I drove around that curve of I-75 and saw the skyline again for the first time after so long!)





After the park, I went to Skyline Chili and inhaled a veggie burrito so fast that I didn’t even think to take a photo. Then I just drove around to see some of my favorite old places. The only ones I stopped in were Duttenhoffer’s Books and Joseph-Beth Booksellers–both are total gems if you’re a bookworm like me!

My final drive around the city took me to another lookout spot, this time in Mt. Adams, so I could see the skyline again. Though it was pretty cloudy, there were a few strips of color from the sunset shining through.




As I headed to my friend’s house in Northern Kentucky, I couldn’t resist stopping one more time, just over the river in Covington, for yet another view of the city. Devou Park was one of the places that I discovered right before I moved away from Cincy, and it immediately became one of my favorite places. Though I was hoping to grab a few photos from this point after dark, I was already far too cold and exhausted to wait until nightfall; I grabbed a few shots and hopped back in my car.


And with that, I drove away from the city for the night, intoxicated by my rekindled love of my perfect Queen City.

Love, Elizabeth

Have you been to Cincinnati? If so, where are your favorite places or activities? Let me know in the comments below!