Spending mornings in the little town of Celebration is now very much part of my life, but I recently found a folder of photos from my first adventure there and I thought it might be worth sharing.

Even though Josh and I had held Disney annual passes for 8 months, we’d never gotten around to stopping in Celebration on one of our trips, despite the fact that we’d been wanting to for all that time. We’d heard Celebration receive praise as well as criticism for being eerily perfect, like something from The Stepford Wives or The Truman Show, and I was definitely intrigued.


After months of making excuses for not getting around to going there, we finally ended up in Celebration accidentally. On our way up to Winter Park, I was feeling a coffee craving, and the nearest Starbucks happened to be in Celebration. We marveled at the adorable architecture as we rolled into the downtown area. After I ordered my coffee, we decided to walk around and enjoy the sights.

Having grown up in a picture-perfect village myself, I always enjoy seeing other quaint towns, and Celebration is the poster child of utopian small towns.

We first enjoyed the striped awnings of the Celebration Hotel, which was right near the Starbucks and on the edge of a glassy pond.


By following the trail along the pond, we were treated to beautiful reflections of the hotel and other colorful architecture.







While we were by the pond, we encountered several majestic aninghas.



On our way back to the car, we turned down a few side streets and admired a few other architectural details. I especially love the unique theater with its twin spires.






We had other places to be, so Josh and I reluctantly pulled ourselves away from the town, but we knew we would be back. And indeed, since that first visit in August, we’ve managed to make it back at least one morning a month. If you’re in the area, there’s no place better for a coffee and a leisurely stroll!

Love, Elizabeth

Have you been to Celebration or anywhere like it? What are your thoughts on “too-perfect” small towns?