(Thank you to the Disney photopass photographer who took this!)

Since attending this party at Magic Kingdom for the first time last fall, I spent most of 2016 anticipating Halloween season so that I could go back. Once the dates for this year were announced, I chose one of the earlier parties since they tend to be cheaper and less crowded. Also, I didn’t want to wait any longer than I had to, so on September 16, I rushed home from work to change into my outfit, cake on deathly makeup, and rush to Magic Kingdom.



Not pictured: the bat leggings

Even though I had spent the past year brainstorming costume ideas, I didn’t end up having the time/effort to actually put something together. So I threw together some of my darkest clothing and accessories and called myself the Bat Queen.

My first stop once I arrived was of course to say hello to the host and thank him for the invitation.


Since I arrived before the party technically started, I decided to head to Haunted Mansion and get myself even more in the Halloween mood. It started to sprinkle as I lined up, and it must have rained pretty hard while I was on the ride because the exit flooded. Rather than having guests wade through a giant 3-4 inch dirty puddle, they gave us the option to get back on the ride. I was wearing a new pair of shoes and really didn’t want to destroy them, so I rode Haunted Mansion 4 more times until they finally had cleared the puddle.

At this point, the party was just starting. Spooky music rang through the park as the events of the night began. I was happy to discover that I was able to participate in the trick-or-treating throughout the park since they offered some vegan chocolate and cookies.


I spent a little time running around to the various trick-or-treat stations throughout the park, and then it was time to find a place to watch the parade. This is what truly cemented my love of this party last year, and not a single week has gone by that I don’t end up singing “Boo to You!





Another highlight of the evening was the Hocus Pocus stage show. I might be the only person who doesn’t like the movie this was named for, but this show is still phenomenal and stars all the best villains.





As you can see, this show has projections and fireworks, and the musical numbers included short snippets of the bad guys’ songs.



Next on the agenda was fireworks. Rather than the usual Wishes show that Magic Kingdom has on all other nights, this was HalloWishes. Fireworks were in tune with various Halloween songs that blasted throughout the show.





I spent a little more time trick or treating before getting a spot on Main Street for the second showing of the Boo to You parade. Finally, midnight struck and it was time for everyone to leave.

This year’s party was even better than last year’s, and I have every intention of getting back there as soon as I can next fall.


Love, Elizabeth