Over Christmas break, my sister Katherine came to visit me from Alabama. Given that we’re both big Harry Potter fans, we knew we had to try to get to Universal Studios. Luckily, I’d been banking my credit card reward points all year and had just enough to redeem for some park tickets.


We got to the park with plenty of time to spare before rope drop. Once in the park, we rushed right to Diagon Alley and got in line for the Gringotts ride, which was absolutely bewitching!


After Gringotts, we strolled around the shops for a bit, and then we took the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade. We fought through the crowds to get to Hogwarts, where we experienced the most magical ride of all. It’s pretty special to be immersed in a world that you’ve dreamed of being a part of since age 8.


Having done everything in the Harry Potter sections, Katherine and I made an effort to see more of the parks. “We might as well ride more of the rides while we’re here, right?” I asked Katherine, and she nodded in agreement.

However, once we stepped foot out of the Wizarding World, we both lost steam. Braving the sea of Muggles to spend time in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade was totally worth it, but once back in the “real world,” we were sick of the crowds and ready to get home.

Though we had both been to Universal once on a family trip a few years ago, it was amazing that we had a chance to go back together and only focus on the Harry Potter parts. We had a great time soaking up all the details that we missed last time, and I’m so glad I got to have my sister with me as I rediscovered the magic!











Love, Elizabeth