I first fell in love with the perfect little town of Celebration three years ago. For a while, I was visiting it as often as I could, but then eventually I lived there for about a year and a half. Although I’ve spent so much time walking around my little town with a camera, I don’t have a lot to say about Celebration other than what I said in my original post, in which I gushed about how perfect it is. (Unless you count this cheesy little video I made from one of my nature walks there.)

Nonetheless, Celebration is such a picturesque place, that it seems like such a shame not to share the photos I took there. I’ve taken hundreds of photos there, mostly on my phone, but these are my favorites of what I took on my actual camera in the last two years.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get over my obsession with the glassy reflection on the lake in the morning.



When I first moved to Florida, I didn’t know what these birds were, but a friendly birdwatcher on a trip to South Florida soon informed me that this is an anhinga, or a snake bird (so called because of how they pop their head out of water, which looks like a snake).




In the springtime, these lovely pink blooms are abundant, and if you go early enough in the day, you can appreciate the dew on them.





The walk around the lake will take you by the Celebration Bohemian Hotel, which is picturesque from any angle.


While I know the composition isn’t great on this next one, I was excited at the time, not only because I love sunburst photos more than is healthy, but because this is the first HDR shot I took. I don’t have settings for HDR photos on my camera, so I had to set up a tripod and take a few separate shots and merge them together. I thought this was a good start to my HDR endeavors!


Taking nature walks around Celebration each week gave me a chance to appreciate some of the smaller details.



I also spent some time taking pictures of some iconic sites just outside Celebration, such as Old Town, and the kitschy gift shops.





Celebration is such a great place to live. I was sad when I moved away in January, and I miss it a lot even now, but it’ll still be there when I’m ready to move back to Florida. In the meantime, I’m busy seeking out other magical places in the world!

Love, Elizabeth