It’s pretty well established that I’m not a fan of cold climates. However, two sure things that can make me suck it up and endure the shivering are the city of Cincinnati and following my darling sister around with a camera. I had recently taken her photos on Anna Maria Island, and this would be the second time I’d have the pleasure of capturing her during our sister shenanigans.

We were joined by Dad, who made sure that we were stuffed with Indian food and kept content with a movie date to see the newly released Beauty and the Beast when we weren’t out walking around the Queen City’s chilly downtown. While the intention was never to do a photo shoot, I did have my camera (except OF COURSE for when I forgot it in the car when we went to the top of the tallest building in Cincinnati to take pictures of the view), and there were so many opportunities to take pictures of my lovely sister, so here’s what happened.

Maggie is one of those people who can make a winter coat look glamorous, so as we walked around downtown, bundled up against the cold, we found a few spots to stop and pose.


Naturally, we had to take some photos in a little alley we passed.



The main branch of Cincinnati’s public library was another place we couldn’t resist.


And of course it wasn’t long before our walk took us to one of Cincinnati’s abundant murals.


I made Dad join Maggie for a shot as well.


Back at the hotel is when we decided to turn things into a full-blown photo shoot.


Maggie climbed onto the windowsill in our room and attempted to do some yoga poses.



Although that was fun, it didn’t work out the greatest, so we tried something else.


The Roebling Bridge below was designed by John A Roebling, the same man who designed the Brooklyn Bridge. At the time, the one in Cincinnati was the longest suspension bridge in the world. I haven’t been to the Brooklyn Bridge yet but I doubt I’ll ever consider it to be as picturesque as the prototype in Cincinnati.



Of course, no family trip is complete without a big dose of silliness, and I have the photos to prove it!

silly 1

silly 2

silly 3

Love, Elizabeth

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