With Dad wiped out from having spent so much time and energy orchestrating our amazing family trip out west, my siblings and I left him in the room to get a good night of sleep while we headed out to the Strip for a night of sibling shenanigans.

Having gotten henna tattoos earlier in the night, we wanted to take some photos of our new body art. None of the pictures of my spider tattoo turned out, but I had fun taking longer exposures of Maggie’s mandala henna, even though the traffic wasn’t in our favor and I didn’t get the light trails I’d hoped for.


Next, we had a wild walk to the Venetian (any time spent walking down the Strip at night is interesting), stopping along the way so that Maggie could get a margarita. She was reveling in the fact that, as of a few months prior, she was legally able to drink.

As we arrived at the Venetian, we found ourselves in a deserted hallway with big columns, which I pointed out would be a great spot for some photos.

“Ooh, get a pic of me with my marg!” Maggie insisted. And that kicked off our mini photoshoot.





Once in the casino, Maggie requested that I document her gambling experience, and I happily obliged. Ricky and I cheered her on as she sipped her margarita and won 5 whole dollars!


With her winnings in hand, Maggie cheerfully led the way on the walk back to our accommodation. We fell into bed exhausted but ecstatic at the great time the three of us had had together. After Maggie’s one drink and her five minutes of gambling, the three of us felt like we’d experienced enough of Vegas’ sins for the time being.

It would be only a few short hours before Dad shook us awake to get on the road to the next destination on our road trip!

Love, Elizabeth

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