Last summer, I had just enough time between when my education classes ended and my teaching year began to make a quick trip out of state. In addition to going on a sister trip to New Orleans, I also got to celebrate the birthday party of one of my other sisters!

When I first arrived at their place in Alabama, I got to meet my fur niece, Chewy. Everybody is a little bit in love with her.



Upon seeing the new-ish storage barn in the backyard, I insisted that my brother stand against it and show me his best smolder.


When it was time for my sister’s birthday party, the whole family met at the restaurant, enjoying the fact that all 6 of us siblings were actually together at once. Although it was a dingy little barbeque restaurant (that *shockingly* had no veg options!), the lighting was really lovely, and I was very happy with some of the moments that I caught.





My quick stop in Alabama was almost as good as her cookie cake, although I have it on good authority that nothing tops the excellence of that purple icing!

Love, Elizabeth

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