My last visit to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2014 was so magical that I knew returning on this year’s visit would be a priority. I decided to spend 2 days at Disneyland and opted to do the cheapest option, which was to commute there by train from my cheap hostel in Kowloon.

On Monday, I arrived super early in the morning, so I used my time to have a sunrise walk around the HK Disneyland Hotel. Then I went over to the Hollywood Hotel, where I filled up on the breakfast buffet at Chef Mickey’s (sooo many veg options!).



Once the park opened, I rushed to complete all my priorities:
-Hyperspace Mountain: Last time I was here, it was Space Mountain, but now they’ve changed the name and made it STAR WARS THEMED!!!!


-Mystic Manor: I don’t think a day has gone by since I last rode this, that I haven’t thought about how amazing this ride is. I rode it several times in succession!



-Grizzly Gulch Runaway Train: This one is like a cross between Everest at Animal Kingdom and Big Thunder Mountain at Magic Kingdom.
-The Iron Man Experience: The queue was reminiscent of Test Track, with the same TT music playing, as all of Tony Stark’s inventions are featured. The attraction itself is like Star Tours at Hollywood Studios. You put on 3D glasses and then the motion simulator makes you feel as if you are flying through Hong Kong, helping Iron Man battle Hydra.

-Small World: I love this one more than MK’s because of all the Disney characters who are featured throughout the ride.



-Festival of the Lion King: While it’s not drastically different from the Lion King show at Animal Kingdom in Florida, I vastly prefer the one in Hong Kong.


-Flights of Fantasy Parade: The parade music is so catchy!




I had been really excited to see the night parade for the first time, but with about 30 minutes left until the parade/park close, I was suuuuper cold, so I called it quits and left for the evening.


The next morning, I went early again so I could dine once more with Chef Mickey. Then I got to the park for open and immediately joined the line to get a picture with CNY Mickey and Minnie. In the Florida parks, I would never wait that long to get a character picture, but this seemed worth it because it was a unique photo op with their seasonal outfits.

I spent my day re-riding my favorites and then finally seeing Mickey and the Wondrous Book, which was a new stage show that I hadn’t had a chance to see yesterday. I LOVED it. From the first moment, I was tearing up because they began by singing “Happily Ever After” (my favorite WDW attraction is the Happily Ever After fireworks!). Then Rapunzel, Ariel, and Merida all performed, singing their individual songs but then everybody joined in at the end of “Touch the Sky.” That didn’t compare to Tiana’s number, though, which was so beautifully staged and featured her waitress outfit!


Eventually, I was getting overwhelmed by the crowds (CNY is apparently the ONLY time this park is crowded!), so I went on a walk back to the hotels and finally had a chance to check out the new Explorer’s Lodge, which was AMAZING. The inside felt very adventure-y, and I loved walking around the grounds and discovering the themed gardens!




Once again, I decided it was too cold to watch the night parade, so instead of going back into the park, I went to the train station and headed back to my hostel.

It had been a magical way to rediscover Hong Kong and international travel, and the next day, I was ready to dive into more adventures on Lantau Island by visiting Big Buddha.

Love, Elizabeth