Most of my May wasn’t too terribly interesting, as I continued living and working in the suburbs of Jakarta. Highlights from the first part of the month included watching Deadpool 2 and Solo, visiting a few new malls, and eating some good vegan food.

However, the changes began when my teaching contract ended on May 25th. I said my goodbyes to the lovely teachers and staff I’d been working with for 3 months, and then I was off to pack, as my flight out of Jakarta was the following day.

Though there were only 5 days left in the month at that point, I filled them with some pretty incredible memories as I fell deeply in love with Bali.


I’m going to keep this update short because I will be posting a lot more about my Bali trip in future posts. I took plenty of photos and videos and truly had an experience of a lifetime, and I’m so excited to share more about it!

If anybody is truly itching for the details of my travel experiences, I’ve made my daily Facebook travel updates public, so feel free to check those out!

Also feel free to check out my youtube channel, where I’m making mediocre videos that will hopefully get better as I keep practicing!

What I Wrote This Month

Future Travels

I said a tearful goodbye to Bali about a week ago and flew to Tokyo, which is where I currently am for one more week. My next destination is Shanghai and then Hong Kong. My Asia journey ends later this month, and I will arrive in Ohio on 29 June. Of course, the adventures don’t end there, but I’ll share more in next month’s update!

Love, Elizabeth