Monument valley-8

Our family road trip started in Las Vegas and had already taken us to the Grand Canyon. The next stop was Four Corners, where we got our obligatory family photo with all 4 of us standing in a different state, and then Maggie and I got back in line to get a picture of her doing yoga in 4 states at once.

Monument valley-1

We then drove up into Utah and started to become truly amazed as the giant rock structures of Monument Valley started to appear in our view.


After entering the park, we had the perfect backdrop for photos.




Soon, we realized that our rental car was pretty cute against the bright blue sky and the orange rocks.


We took that discovery as an invitation to do some photos with the car.



And then it was time for the four of us to cram our long legs back into our tiny Dodge Charger and drive onto our next destination!

Love, Elizabeth