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Thoughts on Life after Indonesia


I arrived in England a few days ago, and while I haven’t experienced reverse culture shock in coming back to the western world, I’ve been intensely aware of the differences here.

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Photo Essay: In Praise of Indonesian Teh

Tea Field

The first time that Josh and I got out of the Jakarta area was when we went to Bandung on Christmas. We’d just spent a morning trekking around a volcano when our driver suggested that we make a stop at the nearby tea plantation.

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Christmas in Indonesia

Christmas cookies

Happy holidays from Indonesia!

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Grand Indonesia


The rainy season has undoubtedly begun here in West Java, and EF has been piling on plenty of overtime during the past few weeks. These two things have been the main reason that Josh and I haven’t done anything exciting since our trip to Bogor at the beginning of last month; during the few hours that we’re not at school, we’re usually curled up at home or in a coffee shop with a good book  as thunderstorms crash overhead–not that we’re complaining about having extra time to read!

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A Sunny Meadow in Indonesia

One of my favorite things to do, whether I am traveling or at home, is to find pretty scenes in otherwise-not-so-nice areas. When I lived in Cincinnati, my neighborhood was somewhat rough, but with a little digging, I always managed to find interesting architecture, secret gardens, or other hidden gems.

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3 Observations about Indonesia

Before I left for Indonesia, I threw together some essential facts about Indonesia. Now, after starting to settle down in Tangerang, I have pieced together a few of my observations so far.

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3 Facts about Indonesia

Josh and I are leaving in about an hour for the Chicago airport. Two ten-hour flights, a two-hour flight, and ten hours in various airports is pretty much all that separates us from Jakarta. We’re going to be soooo tired by the time we arrive on Saturday night! Since I don’t have time to make a real post, I thought I would make a short post to introduce Indonesia for those who don’t know much about it.

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Day Trip to Singapore


“Have you been to Singapore?” my Indonesian date asked me.

“Yes, but only for a half day,” I replied.

“Visa run?” he asked knowingly.

“Yep, visa run!” I responded. “I’d love to go back, to see more of the architecture and some gardens.” And eat my weight in food at that vegetarian Indian place I went to last time, I thought.

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An Angkot Adventure


I’m a huge believer in sustainable travel, so whenever possible, I try to take public transportation. In Indonesia, this can be a bit of a challenge.

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First Trip to Thailand


I was a bad tourist in Bangkok.

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