Small-town Ohioan. Literature addict. Culture junkie. Lover of life. Storyteller.

I spent my childhood surrounded by cornfields and dreaming of far-off magical places. I’ve spent much of my adulthood surrounded by far-off magical places and dreaming of cornfields.

This blog is the story of my life as I search for a happy medium between international explorations and adventures in my own backyard.

Past homes include: a childhood in rural Ohio, a college career in Cincinnati while I earned my English degree, a study-abroad year in England, and another year abroad teaching in Indonesia.

Currently residing in Florida, fulfilling a lifelong dream of living just outside Walt Disney World—which might seem juvenile until you consider that my senior thesis explored the themes of well-known fairy tales and discussed the role that the Disney films had in making those themes relevant to a modern audience. Stories, in any form, are kind of my passion.

My favorite adventures to date include:

Becoming a teacher.

Seeing my favorite city from above.

A sunrise hike around Dieng Plateau in Java.

Experiencing Indonesia’s Kartini Day celebrations in a local school.

Watching majestic pink dolphins in the South China Sea. (Coming soon!)

A spiritual encounter with bats in Bali.

Being a big sister.

Surviving a year in Indonesia, the biggest challenge of my life.

Learning how much fun Kentucky can be.

Visiting Borobudur Temple in Java. And then going back for seconds.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I can be contacted at loveelizabethtravels @