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No-Tripod Challenge: DC at Night


Earlier this summer, I spent a few days in Washington, DC. With all the history it has to offer, DC has always been one of my favorite cities in the US.

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First Visit to Celebration


Spending mornings in the little town of Celebration is now very much part of my life, but I recently found a folder of photos from my first adventure there and I thought it might be worth sharing.

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An Evening in Wapakoneta


Almost 3 years ago, I decided to see more of the county where I grew up. My favorite discovery was Wapakoneta, where I admired the well-preserved architecture, visited the Neil Armstrong museum, and explored the awe-inspiring Temple of Tolerance. I’ve been wanting to go back for another visit ever since that day.

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We’ll Always Have Louisville

Louisville architecture

First, let me just inform you that the original title of this post was “Something Turret Home About” but I decided to spare you all the awful architecture pun and instead infuse this post with a sprinkle of Casablanca quotes. You’re welcome! Now on to the details of my next adventure.

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Carrollton: An Introduction to Small-town Kentucky

Carrollton color

Our journey had begun less than an hour ago. Josh and I had glanced at a map and knew which roads we were going to follow, but we had no idea where we might stop along our way.

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Keeping the Grass Blue: A Journey through Kentucky


In the past, I-75 has played a crucial role in almost all of my road trips. It took my family all the way down to Florida on our trips to Disney World, it connected my hometown with Cincinnati, and it makes up most of the route between my old home in Ohio and my family’s new home in Alabama.

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Monthly Update: October 2014

Once more, I’ve gone far too long without updating this website. Despite not having made many plans for my time back in the US, I ended up traveling much more than I realized I would. So, without further ado, here is what kept me so busy for all of last month!

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The Ringling Gardens


While Josh and I where staying with my grandparents in Florida, we took a trip to Sarasota to visit the Ringling Museum. I went there the last time I was in Florida a few years ago, and remembered it being absolutely beautiful. This visit was no different, and I fell in love with the place all over again.

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Brussels: We’re Ugly and We Like It

There’s no other way of saying this: Brussels is a weird city. It’s not a place that is on every traveler’s to-go list when spending time in Europe, but it is in a country that I wanted to spend a little time in, so I made a quick stop there during my spring break Euro trip, and I’m glad I did!

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