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Photo Essay: In Praise of Indonesian Teh

Tea Field

The first time that Josh and I got out of the Jakarta area was when we went to Bandung on Christmas. We’d just spent a morning trekking around a volcano when our driver suggested that we make a stop at the nearby tea plantation.

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Lembang Floating Market

I already wrote about seeing the volcano near Bandung when Josh and I went on our Tropical Christmas trip, but since we had a car at our disposal for the day, we wanted to check out some of the other attractions in the area. When our driver recommended the floating market, we were intrigued and agreed that it would make a great addition to our itinerary, though we weren’t entirely sure what it was.

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Best Meals: Tropical Christmas Trip

I have found that Indonesia is a deliciously easy country to be vegetarian in, with an abundance of soybean products like tofu and tempeh, interesting vegetable dishes, and exotic fruits. My adventures over Christmas only confirmed this fact, and in case any potential visitors to Indonesia are worried about finding some good food, here are the five best meals I ate during a week of traveling around Java.

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Photo Essay: Mystical Mount Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perabu

In my last post, I wrote about the Sundanese legend that explains the existence of the volcano Josh and I visited on our trip to Bandung. We did not yet know Tangkuban Perahu’s creation story at the point that we arrived, but I was nonetheless expecting our volcano expedition to be mystical.

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The Legend of Sangkuriang

Tangkuban Perahu

Once upon a time, a beautiful girl named Dayang Sumbi lived in the ancient and mystical lands of West Java. As she grew, many noblemen and princes fell in love with her, but she spurned their advances and instead spent her days weaving beautiful textiles.

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Monthly Update: December 2013

Last week saw the end of my fourth month teaching in Indonesia. It was a pretty slow month in terms of teaching. Local schools had a long holiday, so I had no in-school this month and only a few classes at EF. My lessons went wonderfully, but with no particular moments that stand out, I’m going to use this update to instead mention the highlights of my trip over Christmas break.

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Christmas in Indonesia

Christmas cookies

Happy holidays from Indonesia!

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