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November 2016: What I’ve Been Up To


The first part of November passed in a blur of being sick with a monster cold/flu hybrid. After a few months of only having some cheap beanbags to sit on, I finally got myself a nice couch at IKEA. So between bedrest and wanting to enjoy my new couch, I watched a lot of TV this month.

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New Year of Disney!


My holiday adventures in Disney World ended on New Year’s Day this year. After discovering that most of the New Year’s Eve crowd was gone, I decided to head to Disney on the evening of January 1st for one last glimpse of Disney’s winter wonderland.

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Holiday Decorations at Disney, 2015


More than a year ago, I insisted on going to Disney World in December. Even though park tickets were not yet in my budget, I wanted to experience some holiday magic in the form of hotel decorations, so I hopped from lobby to lobby as I soaked up the atmosphere of as many Christmas decorations as I possibly could!

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A White Christmas in Winter Haven

Misty morning

I know that it’s several weeks past the holidays, but bear with me as I share this and one other post about some Christmastime magic I got to experience!

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Lembang Floating Market

I already wrote about seeing the volcano near Bandung when Josh and I went on our Tropical Christmas trip, but since we had a car at our disposal for the day, we wanted to check out some of the other attractions in the area. When our driver recommended the floating market, we were intrigued and agreed that it would make a great addition to our itinerary, though we weren’t entirely sure what it was.

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Christmas in Indonesia

Christmas cookies

Happy holidays from Indonesia!

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Best of England: Part 2

Earlier this week, I started writing about my favorite moments in England. Here’s the second part of that list.

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