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Thoughts on Life after Indonesia


I arrived in England a few days ago, and while I haven’t experienced reverse culture shock in coming back to the western world, I’ve been intensely aware of the differences here.

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Monthly Update: June 2014

Indonesian Puppets

I opted to skip last month’s update since I spent most of May in bed with dengue fever and didn’t get to see very much of Indonesia except for the inside of a hospital. I was back on my feet for most of June, so here’s what I got up to this month.

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When Dengue Strikes

EKA Hospital

I’m back on my feet and functioning like a normal human, but the last few weeks have been a little rough. After a week in the hospital, I still wasn’t able to walk more than a few steps and ended up spending another week lying in my own bed to recover. So without further ado, here’s my experience with dengue fever, for anybody who is curious about what this disease is like.

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Positive Thinking


I’m in the hospital this week with dengue fever. For those of you who have never had it or heard of it: be glad. There’s no cure for this miserable monster of a virus, and until it clears my system, the doctor’s biggest recommendation is positive thinking.

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