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Monthly Update: September 2014

“Remember that time when we had websites?” Josh joked a few minutes ago.

So here we are in Savannah, Georgia, taking a break from everything else for a few hours to sit at our laptops so we can each write a post. And since we’re already two weeks into October, I figured my update from last month is long overdue.

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Thoughts on Life after Indonesia


I arrived in England a few days ago, and while I haven’t experienced reverse culture shock in coming back to the western world, I’ve been intensely aware of the differences here.

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Selamat Tahun Baru 2014!

Happy New Year 2014!

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Snapshots of London

I absolutely love this picture I managed to capture right after a picnic.
I absolutely love this picture I managed to capture right after a picnic.

I’ve already talked about all of the colorful flowers you’ll see if you take a walk through London in the spring, but there’s so much more than gardens to admire on a stroll through this iconic city. Here are a few more of my favorite things that I saw in London.

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Snapshots of Birmingham

As I mentioned in my last post, I didn’t have a chance for any big adventures on this trip to England, but I did find many small moments to enjoy during my time in Birmingham.


England is a dependably rainy country, and I spent many afternoons sipping tea and reading while glancing out the rain-streaked windows at the greenery that was so abundant in Birmingham.

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British Friendships

I didn’t have any grand adventures on my trip to England last month, so I thought I would instead throw together some of the stories that made me happiest to be back “home.”

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Springtime in London

Sunbathers next to Parliament
Sunbathers next to Parliament

I spent just over three weeks in England, and very few of my days were sunny and warm. When it wasn’t raining, it was hailing, and when I left the country at the end of May, the weathermen were still predicting snow for the following week. Fortunately, I had one day of wonderful weather during my short visit to London with my friend Molly, and we spent an afternoon soaking up more sun than England saw during the rest of my trip combined.

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Announcing the England 2013 Trip!

British Parliament
British Parliament

After almost a month in Alabama and Florida with my family, I’ve been back in Ohio this week to unpack and repack for my next adventure. Here are a few details about my first trip back to Europe since getting home from England last May.

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Best of England: Part 2

Earlier this week, I started writing about my favorite moments in England. Here’s the second part of that list.

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