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Getting Lit at the Lake


There is a lake in the corner of Indiana that is more special than all the other lakes combined. Not only is it the clearest lake, but it also holds 2 decades’ worth of some of my favorite memories. Most recently, I had a chance to make memories with my family during the 4th of July last year.

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Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2017

First visit

Although I went to the first Halloween party of the year on 25 August, I wanted to wait and write a post in case I had a chance to go to another party and get better pictures and videos. Maybe one year, I’ll have the time and money to attend more than one of Magic Kingdom’s Halloween parties, but 2017 was not that year!

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Riverfest in Cincinnati

In the past, my family has always used the three-day weekend of Labor Day to visit my grandparents in Indiana. I was too busy to go this year, but I did have a chance to spend an evening at Cincinnati’s Labor Day celebration with my friend Jerod.

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