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Day Trip to Singapore


“Have you been to Singapore?” my Indonesian date asked me.

“Yes, but only for a half day,” I replied.

“Visa run?” he asked knowingly.

“Yep, visa run!” I responded. “I’d love to go back, to see more of the architecture and some gardens.” And eat my weight in food at that vegetarian Indian place I went to last time, I thought.

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Exploring Marie Selby Botanical Gardens as an AHS Member


I’m a big fan of gardens. I love flowers and other plants, I love bugs and spiders, and I love all the other critters that like to scurry around the wildlife in a garden, so gardens are kind of my happy place.

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First Trip to Thailand


I was a bad tourist in Bangkok.

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Mead Botanical Gardens


At the end of last summer, Josh surprised me with a birthday visit to Winter Park, having discovered that it was the home to a well-known vegan restaurant and some nice botanical gardens. As we got ready to leave early that morning, his only clue was that I needed to wear some sneakers and bring my camera.

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The Ringling Gardens


While Josh and I where staying with my grandparents in Florida, we took a trip to Sarasota to visit the Ringling Museum. I went there the last time I was in Florida a few years ago, and remembered it being absolutely beautiful. This visit was no different, and I fell in love with the place all over again.

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