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Big Buddha and Black Panther

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Although I’d spent the past 3 years dreaming of going back to Hong Kong, I actually hadn’t set up any kind of itinerary for my trip back there this year. I suffered through jetlag for my first weekend there, and then I went to Disneyland on Monday and Tuesday. Beyond that, I hadn’t made any plans for myself.

However, on my way back to my hostel on Tuesday night, I formulated a plan to take myself on a date the following day because it was Valentine’s Day, and I wanted to treat myself and celebrate the success of my solo travels so far.

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If You Trek the Dieng Plateau

The night before your tour of the Dieng Plateau region, your guide will ask if you want to trek or drive–both tours take roughly the same amount of time, though many people aren’t interested in hiking for a solid seven hours. The driving tour is a totally valid option and will let you see the highlights of the region . . .

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Best of England: Part 1

I did so much during my year abroad that it’s not entirely fair to condense my experience into a list of “bests” and “worsts,” but I thought I would share some of my favorite memories from the nine months I lived in England.

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