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Holiday Decorations at Disney, 2015


More than a year ago, I insisted on going to Disney World in December. Even though park tickets were not yet in my budget, I wanted to experience some holiday magic in the form of hotel decorations, so I hopped from lobby to lobby as I soaked up the atmosphere of as many Christmas decorations as I possibly could!

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Monthly Update: December 2013

Last week saw the end of my fourth month teaching in Indonesia. It was a pretty slow month in terms of teaching. Local schools had a long holiday, so I had no in-school this month and only a few classes at EF. My lessons went wonderfully, but with no particular moments that stand out, I’m going to use this update to instead mention the highlights of my trip over Christmas break.

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Eid al-Adha


Last week, many Indonesians celebrated Eid al-Adha. The holiday is a feast to honor the Muslim prophet Ibrahim, who was willing to sacrifice his first-born son, Ismail, to Allah. (Sound familiar, Christians? In the Old Testament, Abraham was prepared to offer his son, Ishmael, to the Christian God.) Here in Indonesia, Muslims celebrate this holiday by making an animal sacrifice.

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