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South Florida Weekend Trip to See Gardens and JANE


Jane Goodall is one of my heroes, so when I found out that a documentary about her was being released, I knew I had to see it immediately. The only problem was that there wasn’t a showing scheduled in Orlando. Since I was overdue for my yearly trip to South Florida, I decided to plan a trip to Coral Gables so that I could see this.

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Exploring Marie Selby Botanical Gardens as an AHS Member


I’m a big fan of gardens. I love flowers and other plants, I love bugs and spiders, and I love all the other critters that like to scurry around the wildlife in a garden, so gardens are kind of my happy place.

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First Trip to Thailand


I was a bad tourist in Bangkok.

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A Photo Tour of the Mead Gardens Wildlife


Nestled in a quiet area of Winter Park, a city just north of Orlando, is Mead Botanical Gardens. When I first visited this gem in 2015, I immediately knew I wanted to spend more time here, but it wasn’t until the spring of 2017, when I lived a little closer, that I went back for my second visit.

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Photo Essay: Celebration, Florida


I first fell in love with the perfect little town of Celebration three years ago. For a while, I was visiting it as often as I could, but then eventually I lived there for about a year and a half. Although I’ve spent so much time walking around my little town with a camera, I don’t have a lot to say about Celebration other than what I said in my original post, in which I gushed about how perfect it is. (Unless you count this cheesy little video I made from one of my nature walks there.)

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The Vacation I Didn’t Know I Needed


Last weekend, I went to Bradenton to visit my grandparents. I lived in Bradenton for a year after I moved back from Indonesia, and I immediately made myself at home in this glorious city on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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More Flower and Garden Festival Photos


In my last few posts, I shared some of the photos I took at Epcot this spring: macro photos of flowers, photos of of the incredible character topiaries, and photos from inside the butterfly house. Here are the last of my favorite photos from the festival.

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Inside the Butterfly House


People often ask me if the magic of Disney starts to wear off when I visit it so often. My answer is a resounding “no!” The various events throughout the year add so much variety, and 3 months wasn’t nearly enough time to enjoy all of the nature at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. I spent this spring pretending I was a nature photographer among the gardens, topiaries, and butterfly house at Epcot.


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Flower and Garden Festival Photos


Every spring, Epcot puts on their Flower and Garden Festival, and it is a must-do for anybody even remotely interested in plants. In addition to their elaborate topiaries that depict Disney characters, the park is brimming with pots of colorful flowers.

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