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A Morning of Beach Yoga


My absolute favorite thing about being a teacher is seeing visible progress in my students. It is so rewarding to be able to compare a student’s current piece of work with a past piece of work and see how much they have improved.

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The Vacation I Didn’t Know I Needed


Last weekend, I went to Bradenton to visit my grandparents. I lived in Bradenton for a year after I moved back from Indonesia, and I immediately made myself at home in this glorious city on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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A Florida Sunrise Safari

Sunrise silhouette

At seven in the morning, I jolted awake, feeling as if I had overslept. In reality, it was my day off work and the first day in a week that I had slept in past five.

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Monthly Update: October 2014

Once more, I’ve gone far too long without updating this website. Despite not having made many plans for my time back in the US, I ended up traveling much more than I realized I would. So, without further ado, here is what kept me so busy for all of last month!

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How Borobudur Stunned Me Again

Mendut Monastery

Josh and I had a spectacular time in Yogyakarta when we went during our Christmas break last year. So much so that we simply had to return during Lebaran break seven months later. Our sunrise tour of Borobudur Temple was one of the highlights of our Christmas trip, and we were eager to make it back and see more of the surrounding area.

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If You Trek the Dieng Plateau

The night before your tour of the Dieng Plateau region, your guide will ask if you want to trek or drive–both tours take roughly the same amount of time, though many people aren’t interested in hiking for a solid seven hours. The driving tour is a totally valid option and will let you see the highlights of the region . . .

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Dieng Plateau Paradise Tour

Dieng Plateau Paradise

When I was planing my trip to Central Java, I wanted to be sure that my itinerary included some kind of trekking adventure. Mount Merapi originally caught my eye–many tour operators advertised an overnight climb to see sunrise from the top of the mighty volcano. I was sold, but a quick internet search of Merapi told me that it had just erupted the month before and wasn’t currently safe to visit. Okay, regroup.

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Borobudur is Best at Sunrise

Borobudur Sunrise

I knew almost nothing about Borobudur Temple when I arrived there on a starry morning one December day. I knew that it was a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the largest Buddhist structure in the world, and a beautiful place to watch the sunrise.

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Photo Essay: US Road Trips of the Summer

To me, nothing says “American summer” like long car trips through our beautiful country. With my classes starting today and summer drawing to a close, I thought I would put together my favorite photos from my road trips over the last few months.

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