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Monthly Update: September 2014

“Remember that time when we had websites?” Josh joked a few minutes ago.

So here we are in Savannah, Georgia, taking a break from everything else for a few hours to sit at our laptops so we can each write a post. And since we’re already two weeks into October, I figured my update from last month is long overdue.

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The Grand Adventure Home!

I’m a big fan of naming every single event that I happen to experience in my life. I think it started with my study-abroad travels where I labeled every journey I went on. Or perhaps I inherited it from a certain family member who has always seemed to enjoy cleverly-named activities as much as I now do. (You know who you are, Grammy!)

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Snapshots of London

I absolutely love this picture I managed to capture right after a picnic.
I absolutely love this picture I managed to capture right after a picnic.

I’ve already talked about all of the colorful flowers you’ll see if you take a walk through London in the spring, but there’s so much more than gardens to admire on a stroll through this iconic city. Here are a few more of my favorite things that I saw in London.

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Snapshots of Birmingham

As I mentioned in my last post, I didn’t have a chance for any big adventures on this trip to England, but I did find many small moments to enjoy during my time in Birmingham.


England is a dependably rainy country, and I spent many afternoons sipping tea and reading while glancing out the rain-streaked windows at the greenery that was so abundant in Birmingham.

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Announcing the England 2013 Trip!

British Parliament
British Parliament

After almost a month in Alabama and Florida with my family, I’ve been back in Ohio this week to unpack and repack for my next adventure. Here are a few details about my first trip back to Europe since getting home from England last May.

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Best of England: Part 2

Earlier this week, I started writing about my favorite moments in England. Here’s the second part of that list.

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Best of England: Part 1

I did so much during my year abroad that it’s not entirely fair to condense my experience into a list of “bests” and “worsts,” but I thought I would share some of my favorite memories from the nine months I lived in England.

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Whitby: Alternative Culture in a Seaside Town

I’ve always loved the book  Dracula, and I can still remember reading it for the first time, curled up on a stormy winter night by the fireplace: perfect conditions for reading a scary story! When I first visited Whitby, the conditions were equally appropriate–threatening clouds filled the sky and the chilly air was eerily still except when interrupted by dramatic spurts of harsh wind. I was in the town that inspired one of the greatest vampire stories ever written, and it wasn’t hard to imagine the events of the book unfolding in this very place. 

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Make Yourself at Home

I want to tell you about a place. A place that, for almost nine months, was my home.

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