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Pink Dolphins in Hong Kong

dolphin watch-22

Despite being a lover of all things nature, I’m extremely skeptical when it comes to animal encounters. I enjoy seeing animals, as most people do, and the popularity of certain animals makes them easy targets for exploitation. However, it didn’t take long to find a way that I could experience Hong Kong’s pink dolphins without causing harm to them in the process.

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Halloween 2015: A Visit to the Bats


Last year, Halloween fell on a Saturday, which gave me a full day to revel in the celebrations. Weather in Florida at this time of year is usually pretty warm still, so it was a little bit of a reach to get myself in a fall state of mind, but I found ways.

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A Hot Morning at Circle B


My friend Molly flew in from England last Thursday, and after letting her recover from the trip on Friday, Josh and I dragged her out of bed bright and early on Saturday morning, fed her some waffles, and hauled her off to our favorite swamp.

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A Winter Day at Palma Sola Park

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I visited my grandparents in Bradenton a few weeks ago and took advantage of a sunny Saturday afternoon to explore one of my favorite places in the area, Palma Sola Botanical Park.

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A Florida Sunrise Safari

Sunrise silhouette

At seven in the morning, I jolted awake, feeling as if I had overslept. In reality, it was my day off work and the first day in a week that I had slept in past five.

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Monkeying around in Ubud


After arriving in Bali late on a Saturday night, Molly, Josh, and I got a good night of rest with the intention of just relaxing the next day. The manager of our villa, however, had different plans. We woke up to a pancake breakfast the next morning, and before we had time to object, he loaded us into the shuttle that took us to the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

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Photo Essay: Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island
Anna Maria Island

It’s been a chilly week in England; the rain was expected, but I’m more surprised by the fact that it keeps hailing. Over the winter, I coped with the cold by thinking of our 110-degree stay in Las Vegas over the summer. And now, as my teeth chatter during my wanders around Birmingham, I can’t help thinking about a very warm day that I had last month during my stay in Florida.

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